The Kylin M is the world’s first 3-axis gimbal stabilizer with a single rotatable handle designed to provide ease and better filming output. It is primarily designed for mirrorless DC, phones and action cameras, with photo focus/shutter button, video recording button and zoom control on its unique rotatable handle.

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KYLIN M: Rebranding the Concept of Filming

The Kylin M is the world’s first revolutionary gimbal stabilizer with a rotatable handle designed to provide ease and better filming output. Its flexible design improves filming accuracy and makes filming more convenient than using traditional gimbals. Its multi-axis stabilizing technology balances the filming device in real time and effectively eliminates video blurs and shakes caused by natural arm movements. And the built-in BUS system allows for extending more useful functions and unique controls.

Who can use the Kylin M?

Kylin M is an excellent stabilizer choice for professional videographers, semi-professional videographers, amateur videographers and camera enthusiasts who want to enjoy smooth and convenient video filming. Its design allows for the ultimate user experience as it lets camera owners get best use of their cameras. It is ideal for a broad range of filming projects including wedding videography, microfilming, music video shoots, sports filming and so much more.

Why is Kylin M Unique?

Physical design (visible items):

  • The world’s first rotatable handle design, enables you to carry it with ease in addition to the standard fishing rod carry position. Carry mode makes it much easier to film at different angles especially for low angle shoot.
  • With Snoppa’s special control cable (option), you can directly control the photo shutter/focus, video record, and zoom for popular cameras (Sony and Panasonic for the time being) making filming more convenient.
  • Roll track mode is supported, in addition to pan track, omni track and lock modes.
  • Light and portable. Compared with other big gimbals, the Kylin M has a lighter body and is primarily designed for lightweight cameras. Paired with the unique carry mode, a videographer has more flexibility and filming freedom.

System design (non visible items):

  • The Kylin M has a parallel bus (instead of a serial port that most other gimbals have), which has excellent extension capabilities. We’ve preserved a bus interface port on the handle (the hole above the zoom button) through which the Kylin M can already equip many accessories and support for many more in the near future.
  • Using our own independently developed algorithms, specially developed over four years, has great controllable stability, excellent adaptability, and more extendable abilities.
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Early Bird Basic Bundle
rnThis perk includes a basic set of Kylin M, with a selective camera control cable.
rnItems included:rn1. Kylin Mrn2. Control cablern3. Travel casern4. Battery pair & 2 more items

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