Approve the Campaign

Our representatives will verify & approve the campaign for high genuinely to avoid the investors to fell in high risks.

Capital Raising

We help the team to improve the campaign and socialize the campaign to get the chances of successful funding. We have a dedicated media support team to coordinate the same.

Creating Ecosystem

We help you to connect and grow up with the help of other incubators, accelerators and mentors. Angel10s is a platform where the companies can showcase them online and offline.

Who We Are

Crowd funding is the new way to invest in startups! Ours is a unique equity crowd funding platform focused on connecting investors with a host of extremely promising Indian start-ups and early stage ventures, with an array of capital solutions and co-investment commitment. For a start-up, with an incredible business idea, we will not only help raise capital, but will also provide access to a pool of illustrious mentors and effectual partners who can help nurture the business to its potential.

What differentiates us from others is our unique ecosystem that has been built around “commoditized” fundraising. Our range of services includes deal origination and sourcing, structuring the capital raising, guidance on building business plans and financial models, screening proposals, carrying out due diligence, providing access to investor members and presentment, deal closure, mentoring, and post investment monitoring.

How Great Is The Strength Of Your Belief

Millions of people around the world visit Angel10s to find clever and unconventional things that solve everyday problems large and small. By giving entrepreneurs everywhere a platform to launch new and groundbreaking products, we help surface innovations in tech, design, and much more, all before they go mainstream.